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Leadership Team


Billi Shaner is Co-President for 2020-2021 and is a Senior M&E Advisor for InformEd International. She is passionate about evaluation for international education programs and data visualization that is compelling and accessible.


Annette Ghee is Co-President for 2020-2021. She is an independent consultant with over 25 years working in global health. Annette is also affiliated with the University of Washington Department of Global Health.


Shelley Stromholt is President-Elect for 2020-2021 and will assume the role of President in 2022.

Communications Officer

Kate Gunby is Communications Officer for 2020-2021. She is the Director of Research at PRR, an integrated communications firm focused on transportation, public health, and environmental improvements.

Events Officer

Lisa Zook is Events Officer for 2020-2021 and is the Director of Research and Impact for InformEd International. She works evaluating international development projects, helping nonprofits and social impact organizations use data to solve today's biggest challenges. 

Finance Officer

Ana LaNasa-Selvidge is Finance Officer for 2020-2021. She is the Strategy and Operations Manager at the Washington State Bar Association, focusing on performance improvement and transformational changes.

Membership Officer

Anna Rebecca Lopez is Membership Officer for 2020-2021. They are an independent evaluator and consultant with nearly 10 years experience in the informal learning sector. Their work is rooted in community, relationships, and social justice.

Leadership Positions


The President shall act as the chief executive officer of the Association and shall have all the general powers and duties which are usually vested in the office of the president of an Association, including; preside at all business meetings, serve as Chair of the Leadership Team, ensure appointment by the Leadership Team of members for all committees, and have general responsibility for the conduct of the affairs of the Association. The President will provide support and liaison to all standing committees and is an ex-officio member of all committees of the Association. 

President Elect

The President-Elect will assist the President in conducting the business of the Association and preside in the President’s absence. Unless another designee is named by the Leadership Team, the President-Elect will represent the Association on the American Evaluation Association Local Affiliates Collaborative Steering Committee. 

Financial Officer

The Financial Officer shall manage the Association's funds, collect annual dues from members, prepare the yearly budget for consideration and approval by the Leadership Team, account for the receipt and expenditure of all monies, and keep the other Officers informed of the financial condition of the Association upon their request. The Financial Officers shall make disbursements, shall provide financial reports to an auditing firm or a Certified Public Accountant for periodic examinations, file annual 990 tax forms, and shall prepare an annual financial statement for publication to all members. Upon authorization by the Leadership Team, the Financial Officer may deposit funds of the Association in insured financial institutions to earn interest payments. 

Communications Officer

The Communications Officer shall keep minutes of Leadership Team meetings and other meetings as requested by the President. The Communications Officer shall keep a file of the proceedings at business and Leadership Team meetings, as well as copies of the financial reports and official publications of the Association and shall supervise the issuance to the membership of all notifications pertaining to the official business of the Association. The Communications Officer shall lead a committee of members tasked with maintaining communications with/among members; edit, write, and distribute newsletters or other publications; and coordinate other communications, such as job postings, RFPs, etc. The Communications Officer may delegate leadership responsibilities to committee members following consultation with the Leadership Team. The Leadership Team will support the activities of the Communications Committee by making arrangements to monitor the Association’s email and distribute information of interest to members via appropriate communication vehicles. The Communications Officer, in partnership with the President, shall be delegated as the organization’s official spokesperson.

Events/Programs Officer

The Events/Programs Officer shall lead a committee of members tasked with planning activities, welcoming new and potential members, and encouraging member interaction, networking, and professional development; identify and negotiate for appropriate locations for meetings of the Leadership Team and membership; and facilitate cooperative programmatic activities with Association partners, potential partners, and other organizations and individuals.

Membership Officer

The Membership Officer shall lead a committee of members tasked with recruiting diverse members; conducting activities to retain existing members; verify dues-paying members; maintain the membership database; make available a members-only membership directory; and provide periodic reports to the Leadership Team and membership on these activities.

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